Welcome to the GTAA!

The GTAA stands for the Greater Toronto Area Audiophile club, with a history which dates back to 2003.

Our on-line forum is quite active with approximately 1500 posts per month, but the GTAA is much more than simply an “online discussion forum”. It is also and more importantly a social club of diverse and passionate (OK fanatic) audiophiles and music lovers who meet frequently at one another’s homes, sharing music, good times and hospitality.

The GTAA is interested in meeting friendly individuals who enjoy expanding and sharing their musical and audiophile knowledge and who respect and appreciate those who are on a similar quest, however much they may differ in approach, likes and dislikes, and levels of knowledge and accomplishment.

Gatherings of both large and small groups are very frequent. We also attend concerts and audio shows together. All in all we believe we are the most active audiophile group in Canada. We also have a Facebook page here:


Many of our members are involved to one degree or another with various aspects of high end audio and have established good relationships with distributors, manufacturers, print and on-line publications and audiophiles from around the world.

Get in touch with us

If you have a long term commitment to high end audio, love music and have a proactive, friendly and helpful nature, we think you would enjoy getting to know our group and we would like to get to know you.

If you are interested, click HERE to get in touch with us.