Axpona 2015 – Day three

Carrying memories from Rick’s music room where the big Tidal speakers where offending every ear in the room, I stepped into the Bricasti room with doubt. Bricasti were showing off their new monoblcks, who, by the way, got a less than positive review from Micahel Fremer. Not that I care about what Fremer has to day, but on paper, the room did not have a good start. The 10 minutes I spent in the Bricasti room were wonderful. The small Tidal speakers sounded just about right for me with tons of slam and punch thanks to the Bricasti monos. Later I stumbled upon Wynn Wong and he confirmed that indeed, to his ears, the small Tidals sounded better.

Bricasti DAC / Bricasti Monoblocks / Aurender / Tidal


exaSound / Magnepan / Pass Labs

George’s room had one the best sound at the show. The 3.7 Maggies sang bravely in a small challenging room. Most of the music was two channel but George also demoed four channel DSD with the smaller Maggies at the rear.

Maggies 3.7 / Pass Labs Amps / exaSound DACs


Zu Audio / Luxman

Zu speakers are easy to drive, they sound big and do not cost much. Their had two big room that played the exact content. They also had a DJ who played some records on a Luxman PD-444 (when was the last time you have seen one…?). If someone wants to start building his first system, Zu audio will be on the top of my list.

Luxman PD-444 Direct Drive table with a place for two arms


Zu Audio speakers

Muraudio / Moon

New Canadian brand based in Ottawa. The system played loud and punchy. Its like MBL and Martin Logan had a child. Moon was used by many and I really like their new line. Build quality to sonic presentation. Good stuff.

Muraudio / Moon


Last words on the show will be sent later. Got to catch the flight back home.