Thank you for your interest in our club. From your visit to our site you probably know that we are both a forum and a lively interactive group of audiophiles and music lovers living in the GTA. We enjoy sharing our knowledge, skills, and hospitality with one another, visiting each other’s homes in small or larger groups on a regular basis, attending audio shows and musical events together. There is an official hosting at one of the member’s homes on a monthly basis and then there are many other impromptu get-togethers. On average, we have something happening virtually every week.

We are a small, social and diverse group with a broad range of musical preferences and approaches to sound reproduction. We are friends with audio professionals and fellow audiophiles world over and wish to expand our friendships with like minded people. 

Please tell us more about yourself, your system, your musical tastes, your interests, history, goals or whatever you want to share with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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