Nicholas Polischuk, December 18, 1954 – June 13, 2016


Nick, you will be missed. Rest in peace.   –   Ran

Nick, you are a wonderful man. Your presence brings cheers, love and smiles to everyone around you. Your life is a blessing to me, and my family.

You are crazy, crazier than me on audio, and everything else You’re the The Big Lebowski.   I will always remember you. Love you a lot. I’m going to miss you.   –   Rick

Nick 8



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Nick was a warm, kind and caring individual.  I will forever miss his easy smile, and good nature.  Knowing Nick has made me a better person.  Nick is and always will be “The Dude”…   –   Aleks



For most of the time we knew him, Nick was in some degree of pain, but to be in his presence was pure pleasure, every single, precious, rare, wonderful moment.
We will miss him always.   –   Len