Potentially interested audiophiles are encouraged to read this first to see if this is what they are looking for, prior to submitting an enquiry to join:

The Greater Toronto Area Audiophile (GTAA) Club, is a by invitation only Club, with members sharing a common passion for Audio and Music. Our aim is to be a diverse group with a wide variety of musical interests and varying levels of audio accomplishment. The goal is to further the enjoyment of our hobby, by sharing our resources and knowledge with each other.
The Club is more than just an on-line forum. There is an on-line component where all members can freely chat about audio equipment and music related topics and offering help and advice to each other. In addition, there is a social element to the Club where we frequently meet in our homes in gatherings large and small, to share music and audio with one another; we also from time attend concerts together and sometimes get together for dinners, often with spouses. There are also club sponsored events, including an annual Christmas party. We often invite industry guests to help foster friendship amongst members and audio industry folks.
Members can further their knowledge and enjoyment in audio and music by participating in Club sponsored events, and attending any open events when we open our homes to each other.

Who Are We Looking For at GTAA

Our primary goal is to enhance the enjoyment of the hobby. Passionate, proactive and friendly people will get the most out of membership. We encourage members to
· Hold Club events and invite others into their homes

  • Actively participate in activities whenever there is a call for volunteers
  • Seek out, and invite new members into the GTAA
  • Proactively think about how to make the group better
  • Actively share your discoveries in music
  • Actively share your discoveries and experience in audio equipment
  • Share your deals with others, group buys, etc
  • Organize events outside of GTAA such as concerts, dinners, and spouse inclusive events
  • Actively participate in the forum by starting a thread and joining in on discussions

If you share this passion, love to listen to diverse audio systems and music other than your own, want to meet and socialize with new people with​ ​common interests, then you should explore the GTAA.

Club Events

Members are encouraged to give other members an opportunity to hear his/her system, by offering to hold event(s) at his/her home. These Club events can be held as often as the spirit moves and members are free to entertain small or large groups at his/her discretion.
There is no requirement of the host other than to provide musical and audio entertainment. Day of the week, time of day, food and drink provided, maximum number of guest are all at the option of the host. The host is free to invite whomever he/she wishes. However, in order to allow other members to have an opportunity to hear his/her system, the host is encouraged to hold some spots opened for other members to sign up, on a first come first serve basis, up to the maximum number specified by the host.

Membership Procedures

  • New enquiries to GTAA are generally responded to within 48 hours by a group of volunteers. If the candidate feels that he/she would like to pursue the next step to learn more about the Club, a visit to the candidate’s home by 2 or more members is to be coordinated as soon as possible. Or if the candidate feels more comfortable, it may be more appropriate to meet for coffee first and followed by a visit to his/her home by a minimum of 2 members.
  • The visiting members involved should communicate with other members of the Club about the prospective candidate’s interest and the results of the initial meeting and/or visit.
  • After the initial visit, the candidate will be invited to attend at least one GTAA Club event. At this point, more than 2 members would have had an opportunity to meet the candidate.
  • If after these two initial visits (one to his/her home and one to a member’s home), the candidate would like to proceed to join the Club, a nomination may be submitted by one of the members who visited his/her home, and seconded by another member who has met the candidate. If there is no objection, the candidate shall be admitted into the Club by as a guest. If there is an objection from an existing member, reason(s) shall be given and followed by a membership poll and the candidate shall be admitted as a guest if he/she receives a 75% positive vote.
  • The candidate may remain on the Forum as a guest for a period of 2 months. During this 2 month-period, the candidate can get acquainted with other members and will be in a better position to decide whether membership is the ultimate goal. If so, the candidate can become a member upon payment of initiation and membership fees.
  • In the unlikely event that a member or guest causes serious conflict with other members and/or has violated Club Etiquette and common social code of conduct, two members may request to have a membership review vote put up. If the member in question receives a 75% negative vote, the membership shall be terminated.

Club Etiquette

Members are expected to embrace the values of honesty, integrity, high moral standards and be free of racism. System bashing, forum flame wars, personal attacks and hostile attitudes are not permitted. Members must have the ability to interact socially with one another. Conflicts between members are expected to arise rarely, if ever, and expected to be resolved quickly with good will, by the affected parties, if and when they do occur, so as to restore harmony to the group.
Members’ and guests behaviour at all times must reflect positively on the GTAA. It is essential that the GTAA be respected by fellow members, audiophiles and dealers alike. All are to be treated with courtesy and respect. Behaviour which potentially brings the reputation of the club into question will be grounds for membership review.
Only an original posting to the GTAA may be copied to others at the discretion of the poster. Responses to posts may not be forwarded or copied to anyone other than those who are duly accredited to participate in GTAA Forum.
From time to time, purchases may be made by a GTAA member on behalf of other members. Purchases must be pre paid, and in the currency specified. The buyer has to make sure he is not putting another member in the position of financing his/her purchase. Buyer assumes all risks. In the event of a dealer default, the buyer alone bears the risk…not the facilitator and not the GTAA. All purchases initiated by the GTAA are non-refundable, and service expectations should be minimal. Terms of such deals are to be Confidential. This also applies to any special discounts offered by dealers to GTAA members. All such deals are to be treated with utmost confidentiality so we do not jeopardize our relationship with any dealers. Any infractions may be cause for membership termination.

Membership Fees

There is an initiation fee of $150 to help defray the cost of GTAA website and forum development which was financed by original members.
An annual fee of $50 shall be collected from each member to cover incidental club expenses, such as website maintenance and GTAA Club sponsored functions. An annual accounting of the fees shall be presented to total membership by a designated finance person.
GTAA is a not-for-profit entity, membership fees may vary from year to year, depending on how many Club sponsored activities we conduct each year.

Out-of-town Members

From time to time, members may invite certain out-of-town audiophile friends to join the Forum and participate in on-line discussions. These out-of-town members only pay the $50 annual dues and carry no voting rights.

How the Club Runs

The group operates on a democratic basis by a group of volunteers. All members are encouraged to be proactive in participating in any or all Club activities. The success of the Club is dependent on the active participation of its members.
To ensure the smooth running of the Club, the following activities will require volunteers to take care of these areas:

  • Membership recruitment
  • Website maintenance and technical support
  • Club sponsored events, such as Christmas Dinner and other social functions
  • Handling of Finance

All GTAA members are encouraged to participate in any or all volunteer activities, so that they can have a role in shaping the future of the Club.
It is recommended that there be a point person assigned from the pool of volunteers to oversee each area. The point person’s role is to ensure that things are taken care of on a timely basis and to solicit other members help when required.
These 4 point persons also act as a Steering Committee to oversee the smooth operation of the Club. It is expected that these point persons will take significant matters to membership for a vote as required.

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