Alex Gorouvein

My audio journey:

I’ve had an interest n HiFi since I was a kid back home in Ukraine. My father had many HiFi systems in our home in the 70s and 80s – Sanyo, Fisher, Sony, Sharp, Pioneer, AKAI and others. But in the last two years my interest in the high end audio got renewed. I started posting photos of high end systems and components on Instagram just for fun. Next think I know, there are thousands of people following me! 

This led me to TAVES and a local high end dealer Mark Jones, through whom I met many members of the GTAA.

My favourite kinds of music are hard rock and metal, with emphasis on progressive and melodic metal, but I do like other sub-genres, such as Swedish melodic death metal and symphonic black metal. I also like electronic music (Jean-Michel Jarre) and 80s British synth pop (Johnny Hates Jazz, Breathe) 
As a new member of the GTAA I hope to expand my knowledge of the gear and the industry, which will help me make more informed decisions as I upgrade my audio equipment.
My system:
Speakers: PSB Stratus Bronze
AV Receiver: Marantz NR1401
Phono stage: Gold Note PH-10
Turntable: Pro-Ject Debut Carbon
Cartridge: Ortofon 2M Red
DVD/CD player: Denon DVD-3800 (Region free)
Network streamer: Bluesound Node2 (with MQA support), TIDAL HIFI subscription
Network storage: Synology DS-214 2-bay NAS server
USB DAC: Meridian Audio Explorer² (with MQA support)
Headphones: HIFIMAN HE-400ii, Sennheiser HD280Pro
Cables: Kimber Kable, Transparent, WireWorld Ultraviolet