I have been an audiophile for more than 45 years, my love of music started the journey. I was fascinated
by how sound quality can be manipulated by tweaking each component, became a DIY enthusiast,
took up Electronic classes in college. Building speakers, tube amps, ST amps, both pre & power.
All from the ground up, making circuit board & cabinet. It has been a long journey and a very enjoyable one.
I am glad to be a member of a special Audiophile club, a wonderful experience & hobby indeed.
Audio System:
Cartridge: Shelter 9000 – ZYX Airy 3.
Turntable: VPI Classic – Denon DP 75 Quartz.
Tone arm: VPI 10.5″ Unipivot – SEAC WE-308.
Phono: Pass Lab XP-15.
Pre-amp: Pass Lab X-P20.
Power amp: Pass Lab X-250 – Sonic Frontier Power 2.
Speaker: Matin Logan Request – Magnepan MG3 ribbon.
Interconnect: DHL Air Matrix, Audioquest Quartz link 3, Transparent cable, Furutech AG-12.
Speaker cable: Two x MIT CVT Terminator 2.