Don Corby

Audio System:

Speakers – JBL custom 9 driver towers

Amplifiers – custom 90 watt triode monoblocks

Preamplifier – Foundation Research V6

CD Player – Audio Aero Capitol Classic

Turntable 1 – Verdier La Platine

Turntable 2 – TW Acustic ac3

Turntable 3 – Brinkmann lagrange

Turntable 4 – Micro Seiki RX 1500 modified

Arm/Cartridge 1- Kuzma Airline with Clearaudio Goldfinger

Arm/Cartridge 2- Moerch up4(modified) with Lyra Skala

Arm/Cartridge 3- Musical life conductor 2 with Phasemation PP1000

Arm/Cartridge 4- Dynavector DV507 mk2 with Koetsu Rosewood signature

Arm/Cartridge 5- Forsell air reference with Clearaudio insider reference

Arm/Cartridge 6- Triplanar 12″ with Dynavector XV1s

Arm/Cartridge 7- Kuzma 4point with Benz lps

Arm/Cartridge 8- Clearaudio TT2 with Dynavector XVit

Arm/Cartridge 9- Breuer 5c

Phono Stage 1- Foundation Research V5

Phono Stage 2- Foundation Research V5

Phono Stage 3- Foundation Research V5 custom clone with 3 inputs

Phono Stage 4- Thoress 6 input

Tape Deck- Nagra IV-S

Disk Flattener- Furutech

Disc Demag- Furutech

Cables / Speakers – Cardas clear beyond biwire

Cables / Interconnects – Cardas clear and nirvana sx

Cables / Power – Foundation Research lc10’s and lc100’s


left channel cabinet



jbl 2445 and horn installed



brinkmann balance 2-arm



kuzma stabi xl2



stein room harmonizer



micro seiki rx 1500




tw acustic ac3 with stacked platters




system march 2016