Gary Tibshirani

I have been an audiophile for over 35 years and I remember when my father purchased a Fisher receiver, Thorens turntable and speakers when I was 9.  It was the first system that didn’t have a lid and I was fascinated with the sound. I visited family in Lebanon in the early 70’s and recall my uncle’s system. It was a mono system with a single Altec Voice of the Theatre speaker, Thorens turntable and a tube amp. That introduced me to full range playback and led me to build my first pair of speakers at 16.  My first audiophile system was acquired just after university and consisted of Rega turntable, Bryston BDP .5 preamp, Bryston 4B amp, Nakamichi  BX125 cassette and JBL 4411 speakers.   


I listen to all genres of music.    


Main System


Speakers – PMC IB2SE

Amplifier – Sim Audio Moon 400 M monoblocks  

Preamp – Audio Research Reference 5SE

Preamp- Luxman c900u

DAC – Bryston BDA-2

Digital Player – Bryston BDP-2

Turntable – Kuzma Stabi S

Phono stage – Audio Research Reference Phono 2

Arm – Stogi S12VTA

Cartridge – Benz LPS

Isolation – Stillpoints, HRS




Speaker – Vann Damme triwire

Interconnects – Vann Damme

Power – Furutech Alpha




Torus RM-15

Dedicated circuits



Home Theatre


Speakers – PMC DB1S

Subwoofer  – Bryston Mini T

Receiver – Anthem MRX 710

DVD Player – Oppo  BDP-93