I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up listening classic rock and jazz in the country where most of the bands were prohibited and outlawed as “foreign ideology”. My uncle made out of me an audiophile at the age of 7, explaining me the intricacies of sounds, instruments, and training my ear to pick up every little nuance of music composition.  Later on I proceeded to on to become an avid collector and by the age of 20 had approx. 500 vinyl and 300 tapes.  I was also very proud owner of one of the first only 3 CD  players in my home town.
My music tastes are quite broad, from classic jazz, soft jazz to classic rock, 80th synth pop and classical.  Today due to various life changes and shifts in my life, I have a very humble but nicely sounding system
 as follows:
Turntable:  Pro-Ject RPM 1.0
Phono Stage:  Pro-Ject  Box S
Receiver:  Marantz  SR4300
CD Player: Arcam CD73
Tape Deck:  Rotel RD-960BX
Speakers: Totem Mite