Louis To

I have been an audiophile pretty much for over 50 years. As a young boy growing up in Hong Kong in the 1960’s, I was listening to my elder brothers’ Lenco turntable, playing hits from the Beatles, Everly Brothers, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Dino, Desi & Billy and other UK hits.
My first audiophile system was acquired back in college in the mid seventies, made up of Crown DC300A, Acoustic Research AR3a and AR XA Turntable, all still considered to be classics 40 years later.
My musical taste was pretty much 1960’s classic pop, 1970’s pop and then I started venturing into blues, jazz, world music and finally classical.
I now listen to almost any genre of music, leaning more towards jazz, world music and classical. I divide my listening into 65% digital and 35% analog. Over the years, I have built up a large digital library, now with over 210,000 songs. My analog library is modest at about 2500 LP’s.


Audio System 1:

Speakers – Dynaudio Sapphire

Amplifiers – Pass Labs X.600.5

Preamplifier – Pass Labs XP-20

DAC – Auralic Vega DAC

CD Player – Esoteric UX-3

Turntables –  Verdier La Platine / Oswalds Mill Slate Lenco

Phono Stage – Pass Labs Xono x 2 (Dual Mono Mode)

Tonearms – Moerch DP-6 and Reed 2A

Cartridge – ZYX Universe and Lyra Kleos

NAS – Drobo 5N

Headphones – Sennheiser HD650

Cables / Speakers – Purist

Cables / Interconnects – Purist

Cables / Power – Van den hul

HT Preamp Processor – Yamaha CX-5000

HT Power Amplifier – McIntosh MC-126

DVD Player – OPPO BDP-95

Subwoofer – JL Audio F113




Audio System 2:

Speakers – KEF LS50

Integrated Amplifier – Esoteric RZ-1

DAC – Apogee Ensemble