Paul Costa

The hifi bug bit me with a visit to London, ON with a friend who was starting university there and walked into a hifi shop there,  I discovered tubes for the first time which was an ear opener.
I was already spinning vinyl and thought that was cool.  It has been a journey since then and gear has come and gone, but the vinyl collection has kept growing.  I have made countless friends in this hobby and enjoys our gatherings and talks.
I have a vinyl only setup.
Turntable:  TW Acustic Raven AC with Black Night upgrades.
Tone arms:   SME 3012R,  and TW Acustic Raven 10.5
Cartridges:  Miyabi Carbon,  Kondo IO-M,  Ortofon 90th Anniversary SPU, Ortofon Cadenza Mono.
Preamp:  Tron Syren Ref with phono,  Ypsilon phono
SUT:  Expressive Tech SU-1,  Kondo KSL-SFz
Amp:  Tron Telstar 211
Speakers:  Horning Eufrodite
Cables:  Audio Tekne 
Tweaks:  Shun Mook,  Stillpoints,  ebony pieces.
Rack:  DIY with maple shelves and stainless steel posts.