Richard H. Mak


Phone Number: 416 967 1111

Richard Mak’s is the creater of AnalogMagik, a computer software for performing cartridge alignment.   He is also the chief analog writer at Mono & Stereo Magazine, as well as TONEAudio.    He also contributes article on Part-Time Audiophile.

His journey started when he was 12 years old, when little boys were playing with their Apple II computers or roaming the playground, Richard was spinning vinyl on Luxman system and a JBL Speaker.   The hobby pretty much stuck with him his entire life, and he has build a big part of his social life around audio and music.

Richard does not believe audio to be a seclusive hobby.    In 2003, Richard started, which later turned into the Great Toronto Area Audiophile Club, it is now one of the most active audiophile groups in Canada.   

Contrary to most audiophiles, Richard does not believe high fidelity to be the ultimate goal in high end audio.   He believes that People, is the ultimate goal.   Two person listening to music together is more fun than one, and three is better than two.    When music brings people together, and people become friends, that to him is the ultimate goal of an audiophile.    This does not mean audio will become mediocre when it comes to my pursuit of high fidelity, in fact when friends get along, the combined knowledge of a group of people will open doors to better methods, better skills, better sounds, but most importantly, better relationships between people.