Shawon Robertson


CD PlayerCD306/200

Preamp: Pass Labs X1

Amps: Manley Neo Classic 250

Speaker: Piega C8 Limited

Speaker and RCA Cables: Harmonic Tech 

Power Cords: Cardas Gold Reference

Power Conditioner: Equitech 2Q

Background information:

I have been with the GTAA since the very early days when there was only 5 members.  I believe this was back in 2006.  However, we have been having informal gatherings and “hostings” since 2004, so I am proud to say that I am one of the earliest member of the GTAA. 

My system has evolved over the years, but the Piega C8 Ltd I have kept since 2005.     The amps changed from Granite Audio 860 Monoblocks to the Manley 250s.   I believe the system maintains the dynamics of a Push Pull high power tube amps system, but when I want to enjoy a more relaxed sound, the amps can operate rate in Triode mode which reduces output from 250 to 100 watts. 

The Coaxial tweeter and Mid-range is a proprietary hand made design by Piega of Switzerland.   It seamlessly blends itself with the VIFA 8″ woofers without frequency coherence issues found with many ribbon speakers.