NY Audio Show 2016

This year, the show was located at the Park Lane Hotel just across the street from Central Park. This location offered easy access as opposed to last year’s horrendous location which required a 90 minutes drive from the city. Due to the much improved location, many more people showed up and on Saturday, the show as pretty busy. Some of the rooms had people lining for demos, which is always good. The rooms were scattered over 3 floors (7,8,9) and the second floor for registration, market, headphones and lounge. There was no need to spend the entire 3 days at the show unless you want to go to each and every room and spend many hours listening to music. Having familiarity with the equipment helps with identifying which rooms are worth my time. I bumped into Christina who works for The Chester Group (the group that runs the show) and she gave me press passes, after all, the GTAA is a known force in the industry.



Queue a welcome message from VPI:


Onto the rooms….

Soulution / Magico

Excellent room. They paired the new S1 mk II ($14k) with $100k worth Soulution goodness. I heard the original S1 various times and they never sounded so well. Maybe it is due to the improved mark II version, the Soulution gear or both. Source material was played via a Accuphase CD Player.














Very nice room. Good sound and affordable as well. Good choice of music. I spent 15 minutes listening to Tom Wait’s Mule Variations.



YG / Mola-Mola

I always enjoy this combination. The new YG Carmel ($24k) in their makk II sounded big, detailed and dynamic. Vocals were hanging in the air and bass was low enough. I give it a slight edge over Magico’s S1. IT is also more expensive. The source was a Macbook laptop with Roon feeding the Mola-Mola preamp via USB.




I made an effort to visit this room per the request of Len and Lawrence. Not my kind of gear but the room had big traffic due to the fact they were playing a lot of Harry Pearson’s own vinyl from a recent estate sale. The room was only playing his records. Anyway, I spoke with Robert Bean (sales director) about the GTAA, Taves and of course, the new phono stage. Here is a video of him (please do not distribute it as per his request) taking about the new cartridges and phone stage:

The Cartridges:



Kubo-San was in the room but was asked not be bothered while listening to music:




They were playing Stravinsky’s The Firebird. 



Excellent room. Paul Simon’s Graceland on Vinyl sounded excellent. The system was presented by Web Bender of Wes Bender Audio.



Hegel / Triangle 

Nice sounding room. Speakers were too big for this small room but never the less, the sound signature was pretty good.



Random signs